Meet Alicia

Alicia-3 with Mirror FinishAlicia Arenas

Alicia Arenas, founder and CEO of Sanera, The People Development Company, is a distinguished business consultant, coach, corporate facilitator and speaker. Prior to launching Sanera in 2008, Alicia was an accomplished Human Resources leader working in Fortune 100 and 500 companies where she mentored leaders, led Human Resources teams, developed strategic operational plans and oversaw training and development at an enterprise level. Alicia earned her SPHR certification in 2001 from The Human Resources Certification Institute.

Leveraging the knowledge and skills gained during her 15 years in both HR and sales, Alicia works with her clients in:

  • Improving Employee Productivity – teaching leaders how to create a radically productive corporate culture in which employees bring their best efforts to work every day.
  • Experience Management – crafting a remarkable customer experience to increase revenue and secure market positioning.
  • Strategic Planning – creating a strategic plan to ensure that the cultural development and experience management pieces align and are executed consistently throughout the organization.

When it comes to curriculum development, Alicia has built a reputation around her highly creative, interactive and transformative programs. She is a masterful conference speaker, holds private/public workshops and facilitates executive, board and spiritual retreats. In 2010 she launched Sanera Camp, a six week business building “boot camp” for business owners and sales teams.

In addition to her own blog, Alicia is a contributor to the San Antonio Business Journal, the San Antonio Express News business blog, the Talent Culture blog and other national business blogs.

Features and Awards

Alicia has been featured in  Smart Business Magazine, the San Antonio Business Journal, San Antonio Woman and Conexion.

In 2010, her blog was chosen as one of San Antonio’s top 10 blogs by WOAI.

Alicia was also recognized as the best Twitter Business Practitioner by the San Antonio Social Media community in 2010.

The Fun Stuff

Alright. So that was the “official” bio. Now let’s have some fun! I am full of a comprehensive array of useless information that you might find entertaining.

Things I Like

1. My Hubbie. Scratch that – I love him!

2. My Puppy. She’s not a puppy, she’s actually 15. But we still call her “Pups.” Here’s a link to one of her You Tube videos.

3. Nice People.

4. Creating contemporary art.

5. Singing & writing music I’ve been singing since I was two years old and love to write music. My dream? That someone famous will sing one of the songs I’ve written and take it to #1.

Things I Don’t Like

1. Mean people.

2. Clowns. They are not cute and they are not funny. They are evil and should be destroyed.

3. Green food, except lettuce, broccoli, Granny Smith apples and pickles.

4. Acid reflux (I can’t eat pickles).

5. Dishonest people.

Things You Really Don’t Need to Know About Me

1. I refuse to eat the last bite of a hot dog. If you want to know why, Tweet me. I promise to tell you the answer.

2. The only way I can put on mascara is if I have my mouth open.

3. I have a dent in my nose. I am uncoordinated; really uncoordinated.  In sixth grade, always the last to be chosen for any sports team, the softball captain strategically placed me in the outfield – waaaaay out in the outfield. I was actually pretty relieved because no one ever hit the ball that far…until that day. The pitch was thrown, the ball was smacked hard and it flew in my direction. I had two choices. One, I could give up, not go for the ball and disappoint my team. Or I could risk it all and maybe, just maybe catch it. I went with number two and put up my mitt. The ball ricocheted off the top of my glove and slammed into the bridge of my nose. In slow motion, my body was falling towards the ground while simultaneously my glasses flew apart in either direction and the blood…well there was lots of blood.

Today, I still take risks, though usually not sports related. And I encourage my clients to do the same. After all, if we haven’t failed, then we haven’t lived.